230 volts power switch interface

For the "direct actuation example" (chapter 6) I still needed an alternative for the power switch tails (SFE COM-09842) because in europe there is largely 230 volts in the power grid.

Parts of SI 230-2
I found the SI 230-2 230 volts switch interface at ELV (thanks to Olli!) which you can either assemble by yourself (14,95 Euro/ ~ $21.53) or buy the already assembled part (24.95 Euro/ ~$35.90). I chose to build it by myself and it's quite easy to solder and put together. No SMD parts and everything fits very well. Only the instructions could be a bit more detailed.
You can switch the interface with 4-18 volts DC (6-48 mA) with a maximum switching frequency of 0.5 Hz which means you can switch every second or longer.
Assembled SI 230-2
It operates up to 230 volts with 16 amps - so you could drive almost everything needed in the house. The switch input socket is for a 3.5mm audio mono jack plug.

In the meantime I also built the "romantic lighting sensor" and will post the results in a few days.


  1. Hi Markus,

    nice post, I am glad to hear for another solution different as powerswichttail.

    What is the possibility to connect this power switch interface with an arduino board. Have you any idea?


  2. Hi ickkck,

    you can easily connect the SI230-2 to any Arduino digital pin via a transistor/ MOSFET.

    There are lots of examples how to control a load on the internet.

    Have fun!


  3. Well, apparently the ELV doesn't produce the SI230-2 anymore. Do you know another device that I can find in germany or europe?

    thanks man,

  4. Hi ickkck,

    that's too bad. As far as I could get information, they try to find another solution for this due to the strong demand.
    One way to workaround is to use inexpensive radio remote controls which can switch AC via radio signals. E.g. look for remote controls with HX2262 ICs.

    Best regards,