Offroad: XBee Coordinator API + Arduino UNO + RTC +Temperature Sensor + LCD-Display AND Remote XBee (Sleep Mode with low power consumption) + Temperature Sensor - PART I

What a long headline you might think - but this actually describes very well my longer absence to the blog.

I'm sorry to be again off-road to the book, but before starting with the last Connect-Port experiment in Chapter 7 I still have some things on my to-do list that developed from the preceding chapters of the book.

With the knowledge of all the things learned until now I was eager to implement my first own little project to get a simple temperature sensor network (one outside/ one inside temperature) with a real time clock (RTC) and displaying everything on a LCD-display working.
Base Station (breadboard version)

It's consisiting of:

Base Station:
  • XBee in Coordinator API mode
  • connected to an Arduino UNO
  • Temperature sensor connected to Arduino (AD22100)
  • LCD-Display (16*2) connected to Arduino
  • Real-Time-Clock (RTC DS1307) connected to Arduino 
 Remote Sensor:
Remote Sensor
  • XBee End Device Sleep Mode
  • TMP36 temperature sensor connected
  • Voltage regulator MCP1700 (with very low quiescent current <2µA)
  • running on three AA rechargeable batteries

Part II will be on describing the Base Station.


  1. Hi, Thank you for posting this information. It is very helpful. Can you please tell me where did you buy your voltage regulator (MCP1700) I recently moved to Belgium and I dont know many electronic places besides mouser/ebay that carry/distribute electronic components. Can I buy it online? thank you very much,

  2. Hi Luis,

    did you check this link from Microchip?


    Looks like there are some options for you to buy online in belgium.